9 Fun Outdoor Activities for You and Your Dog

9859Dog owners know what a rewarding and unique experience it is to have a dog by your side; your best friend, your companion. However, just like human relationships, the relationship with your dog will progress, change, and evolve over time. Just like in any other relationship you should invest time and patience to make your relationship work, and the best time for doing just that is playing with your dog. Spending time with your dog outside is not only beneficial for your relationship with your dog, but is also beneficial for your overall health to spend time in the open. Here’s the list of top 10 fun outdoor activities you can enjoy with your dog.

1. Running

While many runners like to run alone and use running to relax, chill, zone out, and be by themselves – running with your dog, also has many advantages. It is not only great exercise for you, but also for your dog. In addition to that, it is also a bonding experience and it will motivate you to go for a run more often and regularly.

2. Kayaking

Kayaking with your dog is also one of the activities you can enjoy together. However, make sure you prepare your dog for an activity that involves water, and prevent possible problems.

3. Hiking

If you want to enjoy a day in the nature and bond with the Mother Nature, as well as your dog, take your dog hiking. Both of you will enjoy it, and it is also great exercise for your heart.


4. Go to the beach

If you want to prepare your dog for water activities, you could start with something simple and easy, like taking your dog to the beach. Spending time together at the beach will not only give you the chance to relax, but you will also see how your best pal, your dog, reacts to water.

5. Swimming

If your doggie just loves water activities, you could try swimming together. Swimming is great exercise both for you and your dog.

6. Surfing

For those who are devoted surfers, there is no reason why you shouldn’t involve your dog in this fun activity, especially if your dog loves watersports as much as you do.

7. Walk

Sometimes all you need to bond with your dog is a good walk around the town. Explore little known parts of your town and take your dog to parks you haven’t been to before.


8. Play date

If you happen to have a friend who is also a nature-lover and a dog owner, you can plan fun activities to do together with your friend and dogs. Dogs, just like people, need socializing with other dogs.

9. Camping

Camping can be fun, especially if you decide to share the experience with your dog. Both of you will absolutely love it.

10. Frisbee

Throwing, running and catching Frisbee is one of the most popular fun activities you and your dog can do together. It is great exercise and it will give you the chance to bond and play with your dog.


Organizing Your Pet’s Stuff!

You may know of this websites legacy as a hotel for pets while their owners are on vacation. now provides all those services. They provide a fantastic service which includes orthopedic pet beds, pet stylists, play areas with grass, swimming and door to door delivery service. Its super important that a place like them exists for those of us who want to pamper our pets.

But some of us get overwhelmed with all the pet “duties” that befall us once we take on the responsibility.  Some of these extra duties are exacerbated by our dis-organization.  We can recommend hiring a service like Creative Space Organizing to come in and do it with you if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

But if you don’t here are a few tips to help you deal with pet clutter:

Tip #1:
First thing we can recommend is decide the different categories your pet will need. For example, a dog will need: Food, Exercise, Grooming, Bedding, Medical & Socialization while your pet snake probably only needs medical & food. Once you have your categories, you’ll have a huge head start on deciding how to start separating out stuff and organizing it!

Tip #2:
Food. All pets need to eat! You should have containers for all the food for each of your pets. Containers that are the right size and easy to identify per pet are important. Being air tight is such an important requirement because various pests and bugs can your pets food and subsequently your pets we highly recommend you find the correct containers for each food, and keep their food in them at all times!
Also most pets like consistency when it comes time for meals. Pick a spot where they will eat and keep it there. Your pets will appreciate you because they don’t have to think when it comes time to eat, and you’ll appreciate it because you’ll only have to clean one place when it is time to clean.

Tip #3:
Sleeping is a critical issue for all of us, including our pets. Every animal sleeps a bit differently and before you take on a pet you should be aware of what its sleep requirements are. Once you now carve out that space in your home. When animals are asleep they are pretty defenseless, so the space should be protected enough from stumbling children, other pets, critters, and other factors that will interrupt their sleep. If they need darkness make sure the place supplies it. Once you have this place designated both you and your pets will be happier. Since its separated out your pet is safe from your clutter and you won’t worry about his bedding clutter.

Tip #4
Keep the accoutrement categories in convenient places. For example if your dog needs a leash, doggie bag, and ball to go out for his walk, keep those things all together in a location which is convenient for you when it is time for his walk. You don’t want to be late for work because you are searching for his ball. Likewise, your cats medical paperwork should all be kept in one place so when it is time for his vet visit you can find it.

Tip #5
Pets have special cleaning needs. You can clean your pet with bleach, and you can’t clean his dander with dishwashing soap. Once you have a pet you’ll need to learn her special cleaning needs and you’ll need to keep those things in a place where you can find them. The best bet is to keep the grooming items in one place and the cleaning supplies in a separate place. Don’t mix them with human cleaning supplies and make sure that when your dog has an “emergency” you know which items to use! You can buy many of these things on and our trusty friends at can help you choose which ones you’ll need!

Your pets are going to love you now that you are organized and stuff!  :)